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Ray Rice indicted for aggravated assault

Baltimore Ravens running Ray Rice has been indicted on aggravated assault charges, in a statement released by the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office. ESPN first reported the story, and in a statement from Rice’s attorney Michael Diamondstein, they have denied the charges.

“I have been advised by the prosecutor’s office that an indictment has been returned, And again, we deny that he committed an aggravated assault. We don’t think the law would support that he did. And we just ask the public to reserve judgment until all of the facts are out.” (ESPN)

From Pro Football Talk comes the statement released by the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office:

Rice was indicted for “attempting to cause significant bodily injury, and/or purposely or knowing causing such injury, and/or recklessly causing such injury under extreme indifference to the value of human life.”

If convicted, Rice could face three to five years in prison.

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