Usain Bolt has record-breaking cleats stolen

Usain Bolt shoes

Seriously, who would do this? According to TMZ, Olympian gold medalist Usain Bolt had his pair of record-breaking sprinting cleats stolen. Bolt wore the cleats in 2009 when he broke the world in the 100m dash, and they were being displayed in a commercial building in London.

The cleats were signed by Bolt and valued to be worth more than $20,000. Shortly after the incident, Bolt took to Twitter to call out the thieves.

After pleading his case to get the cleats returned, Bolt posted this photo of himself signing new cleats, saying it’s “only natural he signs some spikes”.

What a generous deed by Bolt to send new cleats back to London, and here’s to hoping that the original record breakers are found and returned, while the thieves are rightfully punished.


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Photo credit: (TMZ)

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