Commanders Put Teams In Call For Help: Quarterback Questions Surrounding The AFC

Unfamiliar Site-With Peyton Manning Out, Kerry Collins Will Be The Colts' Starter

We all knew that Peyton Manning’s recovery from neck injury wasn’t going to be a quick and easy one. Now it seems as if the writing is on the wall for Manning to be delayed a lot longer than what Colt fans would like to hear.

Reports came out today from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen that Peyton Manning is receiving several other opinions due to slow progress in his recovery. https://twitter.com/#!/AdamSchefter/status/110538537648140288

So what does this all mean for Manning and more importantly, the Colts? Well if any fans truly thought that the Colts signing Kerry Collins to a two year deal was for “insurance purposes” only, you were sadly mistaken. Usually when a signing takes place it signifies a big ordeal in the locker room. For example while the Dolphins ended up cutting Larry Johnson they made a statement to rookie Daniel Thomas who had been struggling basically saying “if you don’t step up, this guy will take your spot.”  While none of that is truly happening with the Colts, there is still some legitimate concern of their Hall Of Fame quarterback.

There is no such thing as a good injury but a neck injury for a quarterback is just as bad as a throwing arm or either leg. If that neck is hit the wrong way then it could affect the entire body of one and cause serious harm. While football is all about winning the Colts know they can’t afford to lose Peyton for any longer than they already will be.

Now recent news has been that doctors have told Manning not to practice this week and Colts head coach Jim Caldwell has listed Manning as doubtful for Sunday’s game against Houston. While Fantasy Football owners ready for the 2011 season with worry that Peyton won’t be around, the Indianapolis Colts worry if their Hall Of Fame quarterback will even play this season.

Peyton isn’t the only quarterback hurt as another AFC quarterback has been listed as questionable for his week one game. Matt Cassel of the Kansas City Chiefs is on the border for his first game against the Buffalo Bills due to a rib injury.

If Matt Cassel Is Hurt, So Are The Chiefs' Chances At The AFC West Title

The good news here for Cheifs’ fans out there is that Cassel was a “full participant” according to coach Todd Haley during Monday’s practice. If Cassel is unable to play against Buffalo, Tyler Pako would make his first career NFL start. With that being said if we do see Pako playing one can expect a lot of Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones running the ball on offense. Regardless of who is starting at quarterback, the Chiefs should be just fine.

David Garrard Was Simply Put On His Butt After The Surprising Move By Jacksonville

Back to the AFC South where surprising news dropped last night as the Jacksonville Jaguars with only five days before the season opener, released quarterback David Garrard. Garrard had been the team’s starter since 2007 after Jack Del Rio let Byron Leftwitch go and now Luke McCown will be the starter for Jacksonville. The “football” move also saves the Jaguars $9 million but came with a press conference in which head coach Jack Del Rio said “he was beat out by everyone else”, showing the Jaguars were clearly ready for this move.

While reporting news I never like to give my own perspective but I feel that the writing has been on the wall since the 2011 NFL Draft.  I’ve always felt that you don’t go out and draft a player in the top picks of the first round if you don’t plan on using them in the near future. Such is the case for the Jaguars and quarterback Blaine Gabbert and while McCown is starting we could see Gabbert a lot in the soon future.

Due To The Garrard Cut, The Future Of Jacksonville Lays In The Hands Of Blaine Gabbert

Three quarterbacks, three different fates,  and three possible threatening situations for every team involved.  The Colts future at quarterback is certainly in turmoil with Peyton’s injury and age as he gets older. The Chiefs have to make sure that their franchise quarterback in Cassel can stay healthy since their backups haven’t proved themselves due to a young age. The Jaguars certainly seem to have handed the keys over to Blaine Gabbert, it’s only a matter of time till he gets the car. With all that being said, there are certainly fireworks for Week One in the 2011 Season.

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