Underrated All Day But Still Making Plays: Dayonne Nunley Has A Future In The NFL

There has been two major upcoming trends in the NFL lately and they’ve been: 1) players from smaller schools making a huge impact and 2) without a doubt, the NFL has become a quarterback-passing league. As much as we like to hop on a player’s bandwagon once they make plays in the NFL, here’s a name you should know before he even enters the NFL Draft: Dayonne Nunley of Miami (Ohio).

In a little over a year and a half into his collegiate career Nunley has 76 career tackles and 8, yes I said, 8 interceptions. While the normal college football fan may have not heard of Nunley, Phil Steele has and that’s why Nunley was named by Steele as a First Team Mid-American All-MAC Cornerback.

"All Day" Nunley Looks To Make A Play In His Already Fantastic Collegiate Career

When speaking of his newly found honor, Nunley says “it feels good but it’s not enough, I want to be better than that.” As for playing for the Redhawks and feeling overlooked Nunley said “yes I feel I was overlooked a little and it has put a big chip on my shoulders when I play.” As far as that chip, Miami couldn’t be happier to have Nunley playing for their team.

While there are plenty of great college players Nunley says “nobody has the hunger I have to be great” and when NFL teams come looking for the next best corner, they will notice that he is not only a great player but a great person with an amazing character.

While being overlooked have him motivation, Nunley credits his father and step-father as being the biggest factors in his preparation to transition college football. “My instincts for the game, my quickness, and the love I have for it.” are what Nunley goes on to label as his best attributes that make him the player he is.

So how does a player in only his second year, have 76 tackles and 8 interceptions? “I understand I just to have a nose for the ball  and always run to it when it’s thrown.”

While all eyes are focused on the “superstar” programs, there’s a superstar growing right in Miami (Ohio) and Dayonne Nunley and the Redhawks couldn’t have asked for a better connection. Nunley would also like to send a huge Thank You to: Terry Smith, Greg Scales, Sean Nunley and his mom Tomika Scales”

Nicknamed “All Day” not cause he wants to be the next Adrian Peterson, but because he’s overlooked all day, and that’s all the motivation he needs.


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