Bear Down But Not Out: Expect Amazing Game From Urlacher If He Plays

Urlacher Had a Fumble Recovery Touchdown and Interception In Week One Vs Atlanta

It’s never easy losing a loved one, especially your parent(s). With news breaking on Wednesday that Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher had left the team due to his mother’s passing, his status for Sunday’s game has been put in question.

While death is the most tragic situation in the human life, it brings life to those that are affected by it. Some carry the weight of a lost loved one as a mourning time, sports can never replace the loss. Others carry the weight of a lost loved one as a celebration, of the one they just lost, and use sports as a way to celebrate them.

Chris Paul scored 63 points in one game during high school to honor his grandfather, who was murdered at the age of 63. Brett Favre threw for 399 yards and four touchdowns on Monday Night Football the following night after his father died. Athletes who are killed or die suddenly are honored throughout their team and league.

While you never look for a positive in tragedy, the Bears may have just found a little more motivation. The NFL’s most underrated team will have even more reason to go out and run a rampage throughout the league. For someone who was in attendance at the Falcons vs Bears game, I can personally say, they were damn impressive.

If Drew Brees Isn't Staring Down Brian Urlacher, He'll Still Be There In Spirit

The defense that ruled the league along with great special teams looks like it’s back in business. Whether or not their leader is there or not is still to be determined but, there is no question the defense will be fired up.

While everyone is talking up Michael Vick’s return to Atlanta, this time as a starter, as the game of the week, I’ve made my pick Chicago at New Orleans. The Saints will be looking to avenge their week 1 loss to Green Bay and the Bears will be playing for their leader, which means they’ll all be fired up.

There Is No Questions That With Or Without Brian Urlacher, The Bears Defense Will Need To Attack Drew Brees As They Did Matt Ryan

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