Alabama LSU BCS Championship Preview.

Many people disagree with who LSU is playing in this game, me being one of them.  Now there is nothing that anyone can do about it except complain and watch a great game between 2 really great teams.

LSU had another great season under Les Miles as he try’s to win his 2nd National Championship at LSU.  This season LSU hasn’t really had much trouble winning with the exception of the 9-6 game earlier this year against Alabama.  This season LSU average 38.5 points per game.  Now LSU has a 2 quarterback system with Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson.  The 2 QBs threw for a combined 1990 yards and 20 TDs.  The top WR for LSU is Rueben Randle who had 904 receiving yards and 8 TDs.

The  running game for the Tigers was 17th in the country averaging 215.2 yards per game.  The top running back for the Tiger was Michael Ford with 755 yards and 7 TDs.  Spencer Ware was the number 2 back for the Tigers with 700 yards and 8 TDs.  The Tigers have had a pretty balanced attack on the offensive side of the ball most of the season.  LSU had the number 2 defense this past season 2nd only to there opponent Alabama.  LSU only allowed 14 total TDs on defense this past season.

Alabama’s QB AJ McCarron threw for 500 more yards than both LSU QBs combined (2400) and he threw for 16 touchdowns and threw 5 interceptions.  This was AJ McCarron’s first season as the starting QB for Alabama.  Alabama’s leading rusher was Heisman Finalist Trent Richardson.  Richardson rushed for 1583 yards and rushed for 20 TDs and had 327 receiving yards 3 TDs.  The top WR for Alabama is Marquis Maze with 627 yards and 1 TD.

I do not expect this game to be the same as last time when it was a 9-6 game.  I expect this game to have a lot more scoring than a combined 15 points.  The over/under for this game is 40 and I am taking the over for this game as I think this will be a high scoring affair.  Even though I wouldn’t be shocked if we see another 9-6 game with these 2 defenses being as good as they are.  Even though I would rather see LSU play Oklahoma State in the BCS National Championship game, I will still watch this game as this game will feature 2 teams that are deserving to play in this game.  Now for my pick who will win the Championship game, I am taking………..LSU I just think that LSU is a better and more athletic team and I think they win this game by a TD.  

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