Week 5 NCAA College Basketball Top 10

  1. Syracuse: This one is obvious Syracuse hasn’t really had many problems so far this season as they are still undefeated and they only play 1 ranked opponent for the next month.
  2. Kentucky: This team has a lot of NBA talent but as Calapari’s teams have shown they can’t win the title. I expect this team to dominate the SEC.
  3. North Carolina: This team has some great talent and shouldn’t have many problems in the ACC with the exception of Duke.  UNC should be competing for the National Title in March.
  4. Ohio State: The Buckeyes lost to Indiana a week ago but handled there business this week defeating Nebraska and Iowa easily.
  5. Baylor: Baylor is 1 of the few remaining undefeated teams left.  They’ve beat the teams they are suppose to easily but have had some close ones against good teams so they won’t be undefeated much longer.
  6. Michigan State: The Spartans have surprised a lot of people this year as this was suppose to be a rebuilding year.  Tom Izzo doesn’t rebuild though he just wins.
  7. Indiana: So is Indiana back? I’d say so they have defeated Kentucky & Ohio State.  They did lose to MSU but I think this team will be a team to reckon with in the Big Ten.
  8. Kansas: Bill Self knows how to win.  They will have a tough time in the Big 12 but I don’t expect a Bill Self team to back down one bit.
  9. Missouri: They suffered there 1st loss of the season today to Kansas State.  Even with the loss this team likes to play at a fast pace and I expect a lot more wins for Mizzou.
  10. UNLV: They have lost to Wisconsin and Wichita State 2 good teams.  I expect to see a thriller next week between UNLV and San Diego State and will show a lot about UNLV.

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