Duncan Keith suspended 1 game for High-Sticking Jeff Carter


LOS ANGELES— Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith have been suspended 1 game for high-sticking Jeff Carter to the face in Game 3. Keith will sit out Game 4 and will be eligible to return for Game 5. “This is more serious than a case of a player simply having to be responsible for his stick,” NHL senior vice president of player safety Brendan Shanahan said in announcing the suspension Wednesday. “It is not an accidental high-stick, nor is it a defensive high-stick to an opponent. This is a retaliatory high-stick to an opponent that causes an injury.”

“Although Keith asserts that he did not intend to hit Carter in the face or hit him with such force, he does admit to intentionally swinging his stick at Carter as Carter is skating away from him,” Shanahan said. “It should also be noted that even if Carter did indeed chop down on top of Keith’s hand, that still does not justify the extend of Keith’s actions.”

Keith got a double minor penalty for high-sticking but Carter missed the 4 minute power play. Keith attempted to apologize to Carter on the ice but Carter just skated away from him.

So do you think Duncan Keith deserved a suspension?


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