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NFL Fantasy Football Week 1- Ride or Pine

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Week 1 of the NFL is set to kick off in less than 48 hours and the only thing missing is yet another fantasy advice column.  Be that as it may, I’ll cover at least 5 guys who I think you should ride with and 5 who should be collecting blisters on the pine.  I’m not perfect, I’ll surely have bad advice at times, but over 14 years of playing this game I’ve learned some things that will benefit you all along your path to the title.  So hang with me and send me your thoughts, I am always happy to lend an ear.


Ride em’

Peyton Manning - As if it wasn’t obvious?  Don’t get cute and play your backup just because the Ravens defense scares you. Peyton will be ready and ready Peyton means many points.

Mike Vick - Total gut instinct here.  He battled all camp to make sure he remained the starter, he’s got the gig and he knows this is his last hurrah.  The Redskins will give up yards by air and this new Chip Kelly offense will be on full display.

David Wilson - Yea, I know, another high draft pick in the Ride em’ side, how hard to determine.  I just wanted to emphasize that I am looking at Wilson as a top 5 back this season and that run starts Sunday night against a defense that has many questions to answer.

Lamar Miller - They kept him a “secret” this preseason, but make no mistake, he’s their guy.  The Dolphins are surely going to want to try out their new toy Mike Wallace, but with Joe Haden manning him, I can see Miller getting at least 20 productive carries.

Kyle Rudolph - There is at least 3 guys I’d rank ahead of him going into week 1, but I give Rudolph the most upside with his matchup against the Lions.  Detroit ranked 22nd against defending the TE last year and although Rudolph played miserably in his first game against them, he bounced back with 64 yards and a TD in week 10.

D/ST Buccaneers - Jets. Are. A. Mess.


Pine em’

Chris Johnson - You aren’t really going to bench him, but you should lower your expectations on CJ this kick off weekend.  Johnson who is a home run threat every time he touches the ball hasn’t performed to his highest levels in Week 1′s.

Steve Johnson - He’s the only Buffalo receiver you can trust at the moment and he’s a good one.  With that said, until you know that EJ Manuel is fully healed and ready to perform its hard to trust anybody not named Spiller in that offense.

Denver RB’s - Has nothing to do with the matchup more so than the Broncos announcing that they intend to have a 3 headed attack to start the season.  Shelve them all.

Owen Daniels - The Texans are much better than the Chargers, but one thing SD did do well last season was play defense on TE’s.  I think the Texans cruise on Fosters and Tate’s feet, leaving little food for the big guy to eat.

Steelers RB’s - Whether it be Isaac Redman or Felix Jones, I don’t advise using either of these guys until we get a good sample of what their workload will be.  They won’t admit it, but the Steelers love to throw and throw they will.


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