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Friday Night Smackdown Results



Randy Orton defeats Rob Van Dam via Pin

Ryback defeats Dolph Ziggler via Pin

Kofi Kingston defeats Curtis Axel via Pin

The Divas brawl in the ring, not sure if this was a match.

The Real Americans defeat The Usos via Pin

Big Show defeats 3MB via Pin

Daniel Bryan defeats Seth Rollins via Pin

- Cody Rhodes was indeed scheduled to take time off for his wedding and honeymoon.  He is expected to be back in a few weeks to feud with the McMahon Family.

- Edge will be on next week’s RAW and is scheduled to appear on Smackdown as well.  Though he is there to promote his SyFy show “Haven,” WWE is looking for an angle to work with him.

- Christian suffered a concussion is his match against Randy Orton on RAW.  I can only speculate that this occurred when he fell awkwardly off the apron, but like I said only speculation.  He has been pulled from all events until further notice.

- I was very critical of the show this past Monday and for good reason.  Not noticing it was Labor Day was my fault because Vince McMahon actually wanted to pull back the angles knowing the Holiday would lower the viewership.


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