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The Miami vs Florida Game Will Be Won In The Trenches

Florida & Miami haven’t meet since the 2008 season where Florida put a beating on the Canes defeating them 26-3, the two teams will meet this Saturday for what look is shaking up to be an exciting interstate match up. Through 54 games Miami leads the series 28-26 & before 2008 won the previous 6 match ups it’s safe to say they were dominating the series. Both the Canes & Gators won their season openers so both teams should enter Saturdays contest full of confidence but who will leave the game full of confidence?

For that answer I look to the big guys, the men in the trenches. For Miami, it will be important for their offensive line to dominate the line of scrimmage to create holes for their Heisman hopeful Randy “Duke” Johnson, it’s also important to give quarterback Steven Morris a clean pocket so his speedy recovers can run those deep routes that Miami loves so much. Florida’s offense is built around controlling the line of scrimmage so it’s also imperative for the Gators to dominate upfront & control the pace of the game.

I expect a heavy dosage of Mack Brown & Duke Johnson in this game so the team that controls the line of scrimmage will probably come out on top. Florida’s passing attack scares nobody but you can never underestimate the speed of the SEC, Miami’s passing attack looked sluggish against FAU with some key drops & wide outs looking confused on passed routes. Even with that being said I still give Miami the edge in the passing game led by Steven Morris. Florida’s defensive speed could prove to be too much for Miami’s tackles so it’s important for the Canes to get the ball out of Morris’ hands & establish the run early.

College football fans around the country are excited for this match up, in state games are always fun to watch mostly because a lot of the players know each other on a personal level which makes for exciting competition. This also gives the ACC a chance to prove it can play with the “big boys” of the SEC conference. Both teams have stellar backs & a ton of team speed but I see this game coming down to the big guys, this game will be won in the trenches.

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