Dallas Cowboys: Should Jerry Jones trade for Maurice Jones-Drew?

Profootballtalk.com released an article last week reporting that running back Maurice Jones-Drew could be moved before the trade decline. In it they stated that a league source said, “a deal would indeed be done, at the right price.”, and with the Dallas Cowboys losing Demarco Murray for possibly 2-4 weeks with a MCL sprain I ask the question, should the Cowboys make a move for MJD?

While Jones-Drew isn’t the back he once was he still has some tread left on those tires in my opinion and is an extremely good receiver out of the backfield. MJD is averting just 2.9 yards a carry this season for the Jaguars but you also have to consider teams have been stacking the box knowing their quarterbacks can’t beat them. I think Jones-Drew needs a change of scenery no doubt but will Jerry Jones pull the trigger? I think it depends on what the asking price is, if you could get Jones-Drew for a 4th round pick I’d say go for it. I think with a change of scenery and being on a winning team may refuel him.

So what do you think? Should the Dallas Cowboys take a shot and trade for MJD? While I understand he’s not as explosive as he once was I still believe he can be an effective back in this league and would give Romo a good option out of the backfield not to mention helping in pass protection. I’d say if the price isn’t too high why not take a shot on him and see how it works out, if the Jags would let him go for a 4th or 5th round pick I say do it.

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