Free Agent Number 9: SP Matt Garza

My number 10 MLB Free Agent was Hiroki Kuroda now on to number 9, starting pitcher Matt Garza.

Garza started the season with the Cubs and was traded mid-season to the Rangers. Garza went 10-6 between the two teams. Garza finished the season with a 3.82 ERA and 136 strikeouts in 155.1 innings pitched. Garza has struggled to stay healthy the past 2 seasons dealing with minor nagging injuries. Garza is still young as he is 30 years old. So teams offering Garza a multi year deal will be a must if they want to sign Garza. Garza will be more attractive than some other free agent pitchers because he isn’t tied to losing a draft pick if you sign him (players traded in the final year of their contract can’t be given a qualifying offer). Garza’s best ERA came in the National League with the Cubs. Garza’s ERA went up after being traded to the Rangers.

Now to my prediction.

Garza is still a young talented pitcher who can still help a lot of teams and be their number 2 pitcher. Garza’s best option would be to stay in the National League as his stats were better in his time in the National League with the Cubs.

Now I don’t see him going back to the National League so that knocks out 15 of the MLB teams.

I believe that Garza will stay in the AL West but not resigning with the Rangers, even though the Rangers need starting pitching. The Rangers have the hitting to support a bad start by Garza, but Garza won’t be wearing a Rangers uniform when the 2014 season starts.

The Athletics probably won’t spend the amount of money on Garza as they are interested in bringing Bartolo Colon back next season. The Astros are rebuilding so thats a no.

The Yankees need younger players and starting pitching and signing Garza makes complete sense for the Yankees. The Yankees faced Garza a lot when he was with the Rays so they know what Garza can do for them. The Yankees will spend the money to get who they want but Garza and the Yankees just won’t happen.

This may surprise some people but the Mariners will be who Garza will be pitching for next season. Safeco is a pitchers park and if the Mariners want to start winning they need a top starter behind Felix Hernandez. The Mariners may surprise a lot of people this offseason and not just by signing Garza. I see the Mariners making some major moves this offseason and spending money. Garza would be the perfect number 2 starting pitcher behind King Felix. The Mariners need starting pitching and Garza would be the perfect fit, he is young and is talented.

Dark Horse Team: New York Yankees

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