Roddy White pays off Twitter bet in big way

When the Mercer Bears upset the Duke Blue Devils last week, the only person feeling as bad as the Duke team was Falcons wide receiver Roddy White. As many know, White tweeted a fan who challenged him when he said Duke would beat Mercer, and White responded that if Mercer won, he would give the fan “season tickets on the 50-yard line first row”.

Once Mercer won, White deleted the tweet and fought off all of Twitter and media that said he owed the fan. After the story seemingly went away the last couple of days, White took to Twitter today to own up to his bet. What wasn’t expected was just how much White would go out of his way to complete this bet, giving the fan  more than just season tickets.

The fan has handled all of this non-major story circus in such a great manner, and it didn’t change when White rewarded him today.

Nobody knows exactly why White went all out to pay up his side of the bet, but it’s a classy move for sure and now all of the Twitter world can get off his back.

Word of advice to Roddy White though: Don’t make Twitter bets.

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Photo credit: ( Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

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