Report: Aaron Gordon to declare for NBA Draft

The 2014 NBA Draft class just got another superstar. While an official announcement is yet still to be made on Kansas star Andrew Wiggins and this next player, there is a report that Arizona power forward Aaron Gordon will be declaring for the 2014 NBA Draft.

A “stunning change of mind” it would be says Dan Feldman of NBC Sports, as Gordon who in other years would be a top three-to-five pick, is looking at a selection right outside the top 5, but inside the top 10. We saw Gordon display his athletic ability in the Sweet 16 game against San Diego State with an amazing alley-oop, and the 6’9″ 225-pound power forward still has room to grow.

While only shooting 42% from the free throw line this season and 36% from three-point range, Gordon did manage to average 12.4 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 block, and 0.9 steals.

Gordon has loads of potential and will be grouped in the second-tier of this year’s prospects, but make no mistake about it, any team that gets him, is getting a star for their future. We know about the early reports on Gordon and Wiggins, now everyone awaits the decisions from Joel Embiid (Kansas) and Jabari Parker (Duke).

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