It’s Here: NFL Season Begins With Saints Visiting Packers

Finally, the NFL has returned to our lives! While the longest work stoppage in league history had us wondering if this day would ever come, we’ve made it. After one of the most exciting and interesting free agency periods ever, we prepare to watch the previous two Super Bowl Champions face off. The Saints visit Green Bay tonight and you can wait no longer, here is tonight’s game preview.

We begin with the 2009 Super Bowl Champion Saints

The Saints Look To Regain Their 2009 Form, Which Led Them To A Super Bowl Title

On Offense:

The Saints will have to prove their prolific offense once again as they face a tough Packers defense. Drew Brees is known to make the most out of his weapons but they are the underdogs  here so look for Brees & Co. to come out firing.


The Saints used their first round pick in this year’s NFL Draft to select 2009 Heisman trophy winner, Mark Ingram, running back from Alabama. Shortly after the pick, the Saints sent Reggie Bush to the Miami Dolphins and then signed Darren Sproles. What this all means is that the key for the Saints will be running the ball against what once again is a proven Packers defense. Lance Moore is out for New Orleans leaving them down one receiver so running the ball may turn out to be key.

Player To Watch:

Jimmy Graham Could Certainly Make A Difference With Lance Moore Out

Jimmy Graham is the new tight end  in town with Jeremy Shockey in Carolina now. We all saw signs of Graham during his rookie season last year and for all you Fantasy Football fans out there, Graham is considered a “sleeper” at the tight end position.  Just like Jermichael Finley for Green Bay, Graham could be a young difference maker in this game.


The Saints find themselves going into this game with Tracy Porter out and Fabian Washington already on the IR  so their secondary is already depleted. If they want to get any pressure they must turn it over to rookie Cameron Jordan who will see more playing time due to Will Smith’s suspension.


As already mentioned, it’s going to be pressure. Rookies Martez Wilson and Cameron Jordan will be looked upon to make a big statement in their young careers. Jonathan Vilma, the anchor of that defense will also be carrying a heavy load as he goes up against the 5th best passing offense in the league last season. Bad news for the Saints is they ranked 16th in run defense last year and the Packers will use Ryan Grant and James Starks tonight.

Player To Watch:

Roman Harper Will Have To Show His Muscle Against A Great Green Bay Offense.

Roman Harper will have to make a statement in what has already been mentioned as a beat-up secondary for the Saints. While Harper has known for his big hits, it’s time for him to prove his coverage skills. The Saints don’t have Darren Sharper to play alongside Harper anymore, so it’s up to #41 now.

On to the 2010 Super Bowl Champions, the Green Bay Packers:

On Offense:

The Packers had the fifth best passing offense in the league last year and it really maintained. They have four wide receivers who can make plays in Jordy Nelson, Donald Driver, James Jones and everyone’s favorite, Greg Jennings. Jermichael Finley and Ryan Grant return from injury giving an already high-powered offense, more weapons.


It’s gonna have to be the wide receivers once again. With the already metnioned four wide receivers and Jermichael Finley at tight end, Rodgers has five legitimate options in the passing game. Can those five guys take advantage of a banged up Saints secondary?

Can Ryan Grant Return To His 2009 Form?

The other returning player for the Packers is going to be key here as well and that’s Ryan Grant. While the Packers ranked 24th in the league for rushing last year, they return with Grant and James Starks who will have “equal opportunities” to carry the ball this first game. If Grant wants to keep his job and make the Packers an even more dangerous offense, he must run the ball well while staying healthy.


The Packers will be without linebacker Frank Zambo who is out due to an injury and Cullen Jenkins left for Philadelphia this off-season so the Packers face a challenge. Can B.J. Raji prove he is the next big thing at defensive tackle? Will Desmond Bishop prove that the Packers made a good choice by letting Nick Barnett leave?

X- Factor:

The Saints have two new running backs in rookie Ingram and return specialist Darren Sproles so while their backs may be adjusting to a new system, their passing game is still there. With that being said pressure must come from every position on the Packers defense if they want to hurry Drew Brees and force him to make mistakes.

Player To Watch:

Will Tramon Williams Be The Next Great Corner For The Packers After Charles Woodson?

While the Packers won the Super Bowl last season, every fan will tell you they did it because of their great depth. The other thing most Packers fans will tell you is that Charles Woodson isn’t getting younger so it’s time to find the next guy in line. Tramon Williams played very well in the post-season and now has his opportunity to make a difference. He would make a great first impression if he makes plays against the high-powered Saints.


Well, there’s the preview and here are the staff picks from everyone involved here at FullScaleSports.com

Josao Longoria-Packers
Scottie Silsbee-Packers
Brandon Berg-Packers
Fred Perdue-Packers
Eric Pedigo-Packers
Chris Leseberg-Packers
Since everyone else is being difficult I’ll be different and say Saints win on the road.

Here’s a little YouTube pump-up:

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