Another Step Towards Success: Q&A With Jordan Campbell

Not to long ago we announced that Full Scale Sports would have the privilege to follow the rising career of New Mexico Highlands’ Jordan Campbell, a former USC star. While our last feature mainly talked about the football player, we didn’t credit enough attention to Jordan Campbell, the person.

Due to the fantasy world that we live in, a football player is now more labeled based on his stats. Without ever have seen Campbell play live in person, I put him at first round-second round NFL Draft status. First off, no, it’s not biased. So what is this based off? Heart, soul, dedication, and never taking a day off. “Every rep you don’t do and every rep I do, do, I’m that much better than you.”-Jordan Campbell in a short commercial with Circle of Success. That quote right there, shows exactly who Jordan Campbell is.

Confident, hard-working, dedicated, passionate, and just like on the football field, intimidating, all these features make Jordan Campbell exactly who he is today. A football player, a family man, a dedicated man, taking one more step to success. Here is a five question and five answer interview, with Campbell.

Q: Going from USC to New Mexico Highlands, what has been the best part of your transition?

A: The best part has been being able to mature into a man and inspire people while becoming a better christian, student, and athlete .

Q: How do you prepare to come into this upcoming season?

A: I’ll be able to come in as a better athlete all the way around this time. Last year I was back at home, no gym to train at, no school to go to, no football team to practice with, I was stressing all through 2011. I didn’t know where I was going to school in 2011 all I knew this time last year was I needed to get ready and in the best shape ever. I didn’t know I was going to New Mexico Highlands until August of 2011  and with that being said I had many distractions. Now I look forward to being able to be focused,  in school, with a team, with a gym, where I’ll be able to prepare so much better than I did last year. I’ll be able to do spring ball with my team and we will be able to grow and prepare together before our run at the 2012 d-2 NATIONAL title.

Q: Who would you say your game resembles the most?

A: My game is most like the guys I grew up with and played with at USC. I was able to learn and master some of the older guys’ craft while I was a young kid at USC. So I would have to say after watching my 2011 highlight film that my pass rush is like Clay Matthews, my run stop is Rey Maualuga, my power and nastiness is like Brian Cushing, my smarts and reads are fast like Keith Rivers, and my sideline to sideline is like Kaluka Maiava. With that being said, the one thing we all do the same is approach the game the same because we all were coached by Ken Norton Jr, he brain washes you to be a monster on the field. I am blessed to say I was able to soak up 3 years of this knowledge while I was part of LBU.


Q: What is the first thing that NFL scouts should know about you as a student-athlete?

A: One thing scouts should know about me is that I play with effort and there has not been a person since I was eight years old to beat me to the ball consistently. That has nothing to do with talent that is nothing but effort and all I know is effort will get me where I wanna go. That is all that is inside of me is effort cause I know if I give the most effort I’ll be able to feed my family a plate big enough to go around for everyone.

Q: How will you approach your NFL future?

A: I’ll approach the NFL the same way I’m going to approach my senior year and that’s working harder than any college athlete in the country. I’m not working hard to be the best player in our conference or d2, or d1, I’m competing with the best player LB in America and that is Ray Lewis. If I hold myself to those high standards and go out every single day and do 2 a days all the way up until August, no days off, once the 2013 NFL draft happens everyone in my family will be EATIN GOOD!!!!

Eatin Good, one of the many slogans by which Jordan Campbell not only lives by, but works by. So the best advice that I can give when it comes to comparing Jordan Campbell to this year’s upcoming 2012 Draft class is see who is hyped as the hardest worker, the most passionate, and the one who falls in the best system for their style.

When thinking of Jordan Campbell’s future career, just remember this: Jordan Campbell doesn’t play football, football embraces Jordan Campbell. It’s ironic how football begins with a huddle, and Campbell is beginning, with a circle of success.

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