NFL agent facing federal charges including murder-for-hire

An FBI raid in the Bay Area and Sacramento area not only grabbed a California State Senator, but current NFL agent as well. According to CBS San Francisco, certified NFLPA agent Marlon Sullivan is facing multiple federal charges including gun and drug trafficking, selling fraudulent credit cards, and being involved in a murder-for-hire scheme.

An undercover FBI agent quotes Sullivan as saying the following:

“Murder for hire is “easy work” and that ”I will put eyes on the guy and have my boy knock him down. I got a hundred niggas, I still got my ties to the street. I got young boys who love me.”

Sullivan currently serves as an agent for the Novo Agent, who is run by Jeff Sperbeck, but Sperbeck does not face any charges of any kind in the investigation. Pro Football Talk is also reporting that Sullivan represented Michael Sam for a “very short time” and notes the clients Sullivan currently has.

“According to NFLPA records, Sullivan currently represents Packers running back Ina Liaina, 49ers receiver Brandon Carswell, free-agent receiver Cole McKenzie, free-agent cornerback Traye Simmons, free-agent defensive tackle Aaron Tipoti, and free-agent safety Kenronte Walker.

This isn’t the first time Sullivan has been in trouble. He was suspended for six months in 2010 by the NFLPA for improperly supervising a recruiter and giving money to an unnamed college player.

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Photo credit: (Novo Agency/CBS San Francisco)

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