Dallas Cowboys: JJ Wilcox Will Start Against Rams Sunday


DALLAS, TX - Stephen Jones told reporters this week that rookie Safety J.J Wilcox will crack the starting line up this week against the Rams. Wilcox is a kid I’ve been high on since the Cowboys drafted him, I even went on record saying he’d be the best player from their 2013 draft class when it’s all said & done.

Wilcox gives the Cowboys a versatile safety with the ability to assist the front 7 against the run as well as play the traditional Tampa 2 high safety look. Wilcox has pretty good ball skills & is an animal on the field. He’s the kind of guy that’s always around the football & I’ve been impressed with the hustle, Wilcox is still learning the safety position but he already looks like a stud.

Head coach Jason Garrett had this to say about the young safety to ESPNDallas.com “Well, we like what he’s done and we drafted him where we drafted him for a reason, and that was a concern (lack of safety experience) of ours just really based on biography more than anything else,” Garrett said. “It wasn’t anything we necessarily saw on tape that would be a concern for us. He was a small-school guy, didn’t have a lot of experience playing the position in college, but since playing here he’s demonstrated the ability to pick things up quickly. He’s an instinctive player. He has a good feel for the game and a good feel for being around the football and making plays.”

Like I previously stated I’ve been high on Wilcox & thought he should’ve been in the starting line up since day one. While he still has a lot to learn he’s clearly a better & more effective football player than Will Allen. Monte Kiffin will turn this kid into a stud, I truly believe Wilcox is the future of the Dallas Cowboys secondary.

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