Who will you choose: Wade vs. Durant

Turning to Twitter for the latest updates on news and drama is never a bad idea. Today, the Twitter world is buzzing about the latest celebrity gossip, this time featuring two of the NBA’s most valuable players.

Dwyane Wade, guard for the world champion Miami Heat, posted a picture on his Instagram; the picture of a handwritten note read: “9-24-13 Kevin Durant said James Harden should replace me in the Top 10… Note to self* Make him respect your place in history…again…”

In response, Durant fired back with a post of his own on Twitter stating: “Show me don’t tweet me..” Durant, the interchangeable small-power forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder, was a former teammate of James Harden, the player he crowns to be better than Wade.

According to Durant, Wade needs to prove himself as an elite player in the league. Wade, who averaged 21.2 points per game with a career high field goal percentage this past season, helped defend Miami’s world champion title against the San Antonio Spurs. During the 2011-2012 season, Wade, accompanied by two-time league MVP Lebron James, fended off Durant, Harden, and the Oklahoma City Thunder in the finals. Wade has expressed his motivation and desire to return to the hardwood healthy and strong for the 2013-14 NBA season, after being bogged down with knee problems.

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