PHOTO: Alleged Suspect In Adrian Peterson’s Son Beating

Joey Patterson

Update: According to the Sioux Falls Police Department, the child has died. 

According to sources in South Dakota, the alleged suspect in the beating of Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson’s son is Joseph Patterson, 27, of South Dakota.

Multiple sources have linked this man who goes by Joey Patterson, to be James Patterson, of South Dakota, the alleged suspect in this case.

Here is the reported photo of Joey Patterson:


Joey Patterson

Photo credit:


The mother of Peterson’s child goes by Ann ‘Ashley’ Doohen on Facebook and the captured screenshot shows the relationship of Patterson and Doohen:

SCREEN SHOT 1Also included is a capture from’s Aaron Rupar who also has information on the case, and the alleged suspect.


Lastly, here is the criminal complaint filed, which was captured via 

Patterson had also previously been charged with assault on a three-year old according to

Information used in this report was used from 

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