Monday Night RAW Results 10/14/13


WWE Monday Night RAW Results


“Put the GOLD in Goldust!”


Randy Orton defeats The Miz via Pin

Fandango defeats Santino Marella via Pin

Los Matadores defeat 3MB via Pin

Ryback defeats R-Truth via Pin

Real Americans defeat Tons of Funk via Pin

Tamina defeats Brie Bellas via Pin

CM Punk via Curtis Axel via Pin

Alberto Del Rio defeats Daniel Bryan via Count Out

Cody Rhodes & Goldust defeat Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins via Pin to become the NEW Tag Team Champions

Unfortunately, my Comcast Cable Box did not record tonight’s episode and erased everything else, so I missed most of the show.  I was able to watch the main event at least and I am glad that I did.  Once again, we got to see a chink the in the Corporate armor with 2/3 of The Shield dropping the titles in St. Louis, coincidentally where they won them almost 5 months ago.  Did you know that there have only been 3 Tag Title changes in the last 18 months?  How’s that for a weak division.  Anyways, it’s nice to see The Rhodes Family with a run with the straps, hopefully it’s for a while, but if it’s not at least it should continue with them in the top of the card.  The main reason for this is to elevate Cody.  Cody has said on many occasions that he wants one match versus his brother at Wrestlemania.  We have 6 months to see a possible turn where this may happen.

I apologize for not having any other recaps as this should not happen again.  From what I have read, CM Punk will take on Ryback AND Paul Heyman at HIAC in the cell.  Still doesn’t interest me.


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