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WWE Smackdown Results



Curtis Axel defeats R-Truth via Pin

Los Matadores defeat Los Locales via Pin

Brie Bella, Cameron & Naomi defeat Natalya, Kaitlyn & Eva Marie via Pin

Alberto Del Rio defeats Damien Sandow via Submission

Primetime Players & Great Khali defeat 3 MB via Pin

Cody Rhodes & Goldust  defeat The Wyatt Family via Pin

- John Cena is indeed coming back for the PPV in a little over 2 weeks to face Alberto Del Rio.  Yes, this is a partial reaction to the major dip in viewership lately, but he IS cleared by doctors.  Cena is a freak genetically (he’s never failed a test) and has rehabbed the hell out of his elbow.  He said in an interview he only had to wait 16 days to resume weight lifting.  Apparently, the 4-6 month time table was doctors airing on the side of caution.  Some people’s bodies just heal quicker.  Look at Adrian Peterson’s knee?  Nothing can substitute hard work.  (Speaking of AP, our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family after their tragic loss today.)

- You can fully expect the end of RAW this past week to ultimately end in a match between Big Show and HHH.  The feeling is still there for Show to eventually turn and be on HHH’s side, but for now that plans appear to be a build for this match.  We should see Show suffer the “consequences” going forward after punching out the boss.

- I’ve mentioned in the past that WWE has softened their stance on welcoming back talent and giving them a part-time schedule.  RVD has come back to great reviews which means others still are inquiring about this same deal.  One performer looking for this is MVP (Montel Vontavious Porter).  He left on good terms a few years back which can only be a good thing.  One major hold up about bringing him or anyone else back is the fact that WWE just doesn’t want performers leaving to do other things because they know they always have a job waiting for them.  


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