Steve Smith on Janoris Jenkins “If I see him in the street, I’ll bust him in the mouth”

Steve Smith over Janoris

Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith has always been known for his outspoken nature, and no-filter personality. During Sunday’s win against the St. Louis Rams, Smith had an altercation in which Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins had some personal words about Smith and his wife, according to Smith himself.

When asked about the incident Smith said “If I see him in the street, I’ll bust him in the (expletive) mouth”

Clearly unhappy with the second year corner, here is the full transcript of Smith’s post game interview, including Smith saying Jenkins “thinks he’s Deion, he’s not”.

Take us through the touchdown, looks like you made some guys missed. ”I’ll let Janoris Jenkins go over it on film on Monday.”

Did you point to him? ”Yes, I directly pointed to him.”

Did you think you’d get a taunting penalty? ”Don’t give a damn.”

What was the dance you did? ”Well he thinks he’s Deion (Sanders). He’s not.”

To get your 800th catch against him… ”He’s just another notch on the bedpost. That’s 800. He ain’t no different.”

For your 800th to be a touchdown, what’s that mean to you? ”Just another dude.”

Did you have any run-ins with him before? ”No. What I don’t like is a young guy, comes in, obviously his first time ever using the internet and Google, and he Googles information about me, talks about my wife and stuff like that. That’s kind of some of the (B.S). I just don’t play with.”

What specifically was he saying? ”That’s all I’m going to say. I don’t play them games. When you try to take it personal like that, I don’t have any great humbling things to say. So he can take his (butt) back to St. Louis and watch the (expletive) film because I don’t play them games. And if I see him in the streets I’m going to bust him in his (expletive) mouth.

On your touchdown celebration, was that a little bit extra? ”When you embarrass people you rub it in their face. When your dog (urinates) on the carpet, you rub it in his face.”

While Smith isn’t afraid to speak his mind, this seems much more than some classic football trash talk. Beware Janoris Jenkins, you’re on Steve Smith’s bad side.

There were 15 penalties in this game, one of which resulted in the ejection of Rams defensive end Chris Long who was tossed for throwing a punch.

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