Fantasy Week 8 Mailbag


Time to get Week 8′s mailbag underway…



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Christian A.

I was thinking I was golden when I drafted Doug Martin and David Wilson, but obviously I am not.  Any low-key RB’s I can target to save my season?


Those are the breaks Christian.  I drafted CJ Spiller and David Wilson in back to back rounds in one league and well, as you would expect my team is suffering.  Anyhow, you just have to take your lumps and try to salvage.  A few guys you might grab and hold hope for are - Kendall Hunter, Joseph Randle and Marcel Reese.  Now, important to note, none of these guys are going to do anything without some help.  Gore may be rested a little more as the season wears on.  DeMarco Murray is coming back, but he can never stay healthy and the same goes with McFadden.  Be proactive and grab one of these guys now and see if you get a break.



Week 8 sucks, I have a ton of guys on a bye.  I need a QB between Carson Palmer and Ryan Tannehill and I need a flex, B. Bolden, A. Ellington or Michael Floyd?

Adam, bye weeks do suck this week.   Go with Palmer.  Sure you’ll lose a couple with some INT’s, but I am also projecting a good day for him. The Falcons defense hasn’t been consistent enough and Palmer can throw a couple of scores to make a nice day of it.  I like Ellington as your flex with Mendenhall nursing a foot injury.


Erik B.

Is it time to drop Tavon Austin?


Sigh… I would have said yes if Bradford not injured his ACL.  He clearly wasn’t looking his way and had been losing snaps to Austin Pettis.  Things change though with Bradford out.  Maybe the Rams try to work the rookie in more now, maybe they know the season is done and they test out what they have or maybe Austin continues to do nothing and you can drop him next week.



Anthony in Arkansas

Week 8, Romo or Vick?


Tough to say Romo after two mediocre fantasy outings and Vick having the better match up.  Of course there’s a but coming… BUT can you trust Vick to A.) play and B.) stay in the game for all 60 minutes?  I think Romo bounces back this week in a game that could end up being a shootout.


Jose Q.

If Jimmy Graham doesn’t play Sunday, is Ben Watson an automatic start for you?

Not at all.  Watson will start in place of Graham in that instance, but he’s not going to gain all those targets.  I’d expect Brees to lean more on Colston, Moore, Stills and Toon than I would Watson.  If Graham is a no go, you are better off targeting Jordan Reed, Kyle Rudolph or Rob Housler.


Thanks everyone, look forward to next week.  I’m also available Sunday morning’s on Twitter for those last-minute roster decisions.


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