Eddie Murphy returns to Music after 20 years


After 20 years, Eddie Murphy is releasing a new album, 9, early next year. Murphy has never stopped writing or recording songs since his Top 40 hit Party All the Time in 1985. In fact since then, he has released two other albums - So Happy in 1989 and Love’s Alright in 1993. Murphy’s new single Red Light is a reggae song featuring Snoop Lion, the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg. Murphy told Rolling Stone that he plans on playing some live shows with his band. His music career should be no surprise to anyone. We first saw Eddie Murphy about 35 years ago on Saturday Night Live as Buckheat singing “Unce! Tice! Fee Times A Mady” and as James Brown singing “Hot Tub.”

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Photo Credit: (Willie Toledo)

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