Royal Rumble Results - RAW Results 1/27/14


New Age Outlaws defeat The Brotherhood via Pin to become the NEW Tag Team Champions

Bray Wyatt defeats Daniel Bryan via Pin

Brock Lesnar defeats Big Show via Pin

Randy Orton defeats John Cena via Pin

Batista wins the Royal Rumble by eliminating Roman Reigns

Overall, the Rumble was not very good.  The crowd wanted Daniel Bryan to be an entrant in the Rumble match and didn’t get it.  They chanted and essentially ruined the Orton/Cena match and made the Rumble ending very uncomfortable.  Bryan’s match with Wyatt was great even in defeat.  Only was I saw Bryan losing was to further his story line which it does.  NAO winning the straps wasn’t total unexpected because of what happened in the Rumble with the tease of a Goldust/Cody break-up.  Lesnar destroyed Show to look dominant.  Orton wins semi-dirty with the Wyatt/Cena tease.  Batista winning the Rumble was to be expected, but i/ found it to be very boring.

Monday Night RAW Results


“…And then there were 3.”


Real Americans defeat Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara via Pin

R-Truth defeats Fandango via Pin

Dolph Ziggler defeats The Miz via Pin

The Usos defeat Rybaxel via Pin

The Brotherhood defeat New Age Outlaws via DQ

The Bellas & The Dactyls defeat Aksana, Alicia Fox, AJ Lee & Tamina via Pin

John Cena, Daniel Bryan & Sheamus defeat The Shield via DQ

Real Americans took out the masked duo of Mysterio and Sin Cara.  I’d like to see these guys get a push.  They have really won me over with this gimmick and are both great wrestlers.  R-Truth said “Wassup” to Fandango while cruising to a victory.  Dolph defeated The Miz and is apparently now the “Best of Cleveland.”  The Usos continued their dominance with a victory over Rybaxel.  Del Rio had a nice battle with Kofi Kingston.  Kofi had a great spot in the Rumble match last night with an impressive leap from the barricades back to the ring.  He had a nice open gash on his stomach that I noticed, not sure when it happened.  The Divas fought in a very awkward and off match.  This isn’t new, but at least they had a nice triple suplex.  Tamina missed her spot to break-up the AJ pin and the ref just stopped counting.  Oops!

It took 2 hours, but finally there was a match to review.  In a rematch from the Rumble pre-show match, we saw another good match.  The Outlaws are in their mid 40′s so it impresses me that they can still go after very little in ring action in the last 10 years.  They obviously aren’t in great shape, but tag team wrestling is all about telling a story.  15 years ago, the mic lines worked for me, but now it’s just old. Brock interfered to DQ this match with 2 very nice F-5′s.  Am I the only would who would crap themselves if Brock was coming after me legitimately?  He is either a lunatic or plays the part well, maybe both.

An Elimination Chamber, 6-man tag qualifier was our Main Event for this week.  Sheamus is back and is obviously back to be booked on the top of the card.  Something that bothers me is the fact that we only get to see the “part-timers” wrestle on PPV’s.  Yes, I know Batista has only been back two weeks, but I would expect to see him wrestle a match the night after he wins the Rumble.  Got side tracked, back to the action.  We got a typical Shield match with multiple tags with Cena their target most of the match.  Cena screwed up a Reigns spear near the end of the match, but the people came to see Bryan win and get to the Chamber.  Multiple trade-off moves left bodies everywhere, then Cena slapped on the STF which Reigns powered out of then the buzzards arrived.  The Wyatt’s attack Cena, ref calls for the DQ costing The Shield their chance as Chamber entrants.  Lame way to have them win, but cool if they have The Shield vs The Wyatt’s at the PPV.

Tonight’s episode was pretty lame right after a big 4 PPV and the start of the Road to Wrestlemania.  Yes, it’s a slow build, but tonight had no matches of real substance.  We found of Jake the Snake will be inducted into HOF and that Lesnar wants either Orton or Batista.  D+ Show


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