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Rafael S.

Aaron Rodgers is on a bye, who do I start?  Alex Smith, EJ Manuel or Ryan Tannehill?


I maintain an emphasis on Terrell Pryor IF he’s available and IF he starts after last weeks concussion.  So while I haven’t answered your question yet, I am advising you of the first step to take.  If Pryor is a no to either of the above stated if’s, then I am going based off upside or safety.  First I cut Tannehill from the conversation.  Not that I dislike him, it’s that the Saints defense has been more formidable than years past and the game is in New Orleans.  If you’re looking for a safety net, go with Smith.  He’s got what has become a good match up and they are home.  He’ won’t get you 30 points, but a solid 15-23 (depending scoring system) with a good lineup is probably all you need.  Now me?  I am a risk taker, so I’d take my chances with EJ Manuel.  The Ravens defense has been prone to giving up yardage over the air, plus their number one priority is going to be stopping CJ Spiller.   His potential for rushing yards, plus the fact that they’ll be required to throw in the contest gives me enough to risk it on the rookie.


Henry C.

Which TE should I keep for the rest of the season, Jordan Cameron or Rob Gronkowski?


Does your league offer TE’s to play in the flex spot?  I’d rather not drop either guy to be honest with you.  I have never been a TE drafter, nor do I ever like to carry 2 TE’s, however if you have two guys this talented, you use them.  Here’s my suggestions - 1) Use them both, TE and Flex spot.  2) Trade one and fill a position of need, but don’t settle just to make it happen.  Both of these guys should commend a promising return.  3.) Just bench one, don’t drop either.  There has to be someone else on the bench less valuable to you than these guys.


Arian Foster

Are you sick of me yet?  If you are, who are you trading me for?


Not quite Arian.  I still hope that your back and other ailments heal up and you’ll be the guy that everyone drafted with a top 5 pick.   Ben Tate certainly isn’t helping your case because he’s been a beast.  Hey, maybe you can call Tanya Harding and ask her to set you up with her guys!  (Just Kidding).  Hang in there buddy, but if you do get traded it’s for at least 2 players in return.



Pick 3 out the 5 - Decker, Welker, Wayne, Fitzgerald, A. Johnson.


Bench Johnson, he’s dealing with Shin and post concussion injuries, plus they play the Seahwaks.  No thanks.  You shouldn’t play Decker and Welker together ever because it’s robbing Peter to pay Paul.  Welker takes precedence, especially in the Red Zone.  So… Welker, Wayne and Fitzgerald.


Mario T.

I have AJ Green and Calvin Johnson.  I picked them in back to back rounds obviously, but kind of struck dirt with my RB’s.  Im guessing I need to trade one of them away, but I am having trouble letting either one go. On top of that, what exactly should I be commanding as a return?


First off Mario, you don’t trade Calvin Johnson unless you are getting a Top 5 back AND a top 15 receiver.  So with that out-of-the-way, let’s talk AJ Green.  Your running backs have to be really bad to want to trade either of these guys.  If you decide to ultimately move AJ, here’s what you’ll want to do.  First, scour the teams and see who is loaded at the RB position.  Next, target the back who is not only in the top5, but also is likely to stay there.  Ideally, someone like LeSean McCoy or Jamal Charles.  Once you pick your target, it all depends on your WR landscape once Green is gone.  You might need to throw in a running back and ask for a receiver in return.


Thanks everyone, look forward to next week.  I’m also available Sunday morning’s on Twitter for those last-minute roster decisions.


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